Thomas was about six three or six four, built like a GQ model. He had the complexion of caramel. His voice was deep yet smooth and soothing, the type of voice that just mesmerized you. His clothes fit him like a well-tailored glove. OOOh! That man, that man! Just let your eyes soak him up. Woo, exhale.

 It's some white kids in prison,
and majority of them all are blessed.
The majority of all black kids got 25 years or more,
the white kids got 10 or less.
it's not hard at all to figure this out,
one plus one does equal two.
Prison wasn't built for the blondes,
whose eyes are evil and blue.

 Tookie Williams, Larry Hoover and Pistol Pete,
all sentence to die behind bars.
But how many grand Wizard you see,
standing in the prison yards.
Does this poem means I'm racist
no, but the court system I do not trust.
Again, Zimmerman walked away free,
now is that justice or is it just us?

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What makes a child fight, and carry on bad?
Is it something their missing, or something they wish they had?
Friends or playmates, the feeling to belong.
A loving family to greet them when they come home.
There are many circumstances which contribute to unrest.
When a child extends his hand, always put forth your best.
A child will lash out at others, when his feelings are hurt.
Love and understanding can change their outlook. 



Justice or Is It Just Us?

George Zimmerman was found not guilty
in Trevon Martin's death.
Another one freed with a slap on the wrist,
for taking a child's last breath.
To murder an innocent child will get you death ,

unless the suspect is white

Psycho left a child in the car alive,
and the judge gave him life

 Human trafficking carries 20 years,
depending on the texture of your skin.
400 years were given to youths,
they were John, Gary, Ervine and Ken.
That's a hundred years a piece,
because we honestly made mistakes.
But only 20 years an adult will do,
bringing sex slaves to the United States.